Why are we here?

We’re here because we want to ditch the corporate crap and be the proudest corporate dropouts ever… because our bank accounts can say so!


Or maybe… you’re smart enough to not have even been in the corporate space and you already know you can have a successful life without ever going there.


This is the place for women and moms in corporate (or NOT), who know there are flexible opportunities out there to tap into so that we can comfortably live a little… or alot!

the mom who wishes she could take a family trip



I’m LaToya Russell and I can show you the ropes to not only start your Virtual Assistant business but to make it profitable and worthwhile!


I’ve been working online for 8 years and thousands of students later, I am confident that I can help you too. I’ve helped tons of women over the years overcome the fear of leaving corporate worlds behind, ditch resume writing, and make more money than corporate ever paid them.

You’re probably asking yourself why I do this…

I was a senior level manager in my last job and my boss was the most condescending person ever! I was working with a man that wanted me to insult and demean first line staff with him and I was not having it!


So.. I took the plunge into my then side hustle as a Virtual Assistant and never looked back…

Now it’s your turn!

"I love LaToya's work and what she has to offer. I sensed that she is a hardworking woman with a lot of experience. Getting yourself out there, in a remote atmosphere, is overwhelming...LaToya has the knowledge to make the journey less stressful and more profitable. If you’re thinking about The Anatomy of Automation, Just Do It!"
Jordan Barboza Davis
Anatomy of Automation Alumni

Ready to learn more about offering automation services as a service provider?


Wondering how this could possibly help you quit your job or never have to find one again?

Searching for the answer to “is this for me”.

Thinking tech and automations may not be your “thing”?

I created an info session to answer questions like how does it work, the services you offer, how much you get paid in automations (and why people pay this much) so you know if you’re in the right place.

Sounds like this is the place for you?

Here’s how we can help you:

Anatomy of Automation is my signature program. AoA as we like to call it came about because I struggled to find Tech VAs who knew automations to hire in my agency. This program will give you the skills you need to start building automations for clients, segmenting email lists and creating to die for integrations that every business owner dreams of. What that really means is – you’ll be able to help someone automate their business before you know it!

This is for you if you need to start, organize or grow your Virtual Assistant business. This toolkit is for the new VA who doesn’t have a minute to waste figuring out what they need to get the business up and running. It’s also built for the VA that has been winging it, has a couple clients and now needs to get the business in gear.

A crash course designed to give you 3 quick steps to find your first or next client so you can start earning online dollars any day now! You’ll also get access to simple steps to start setting up your business right now.

"My favorite part of working with LaToya & doing the Anatomy of Automation was seeing someone I could relate to doing exactly what I would like to do. Seeing someone like me with the knowledge that I wish to acquire and being as successful as I dream to be. You can tell that LaToya is invested in seeing her students succeed. If you are interested in email marketing and automations, go for it. The information and helpful bonuses are incredible."
Anatomy of Automation Student