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Your Degree Probably Doesn’t Matter

I got a few emails from people interested in joining my signature course the Anatomy of Automation – but they’re afraid. 

While I know it’s hard to step into the unknown sometimes, it’s not new for anyone. We’ve been trained to step into unknown situations for years.


Now before you trash me about my subject line, take a moment to finish reading and do so with an open mind because this may ruffle some feathers but I promise I’m truly elaborating my point of the unknown.


I created the course to help women and moms do better and make the most out of their lives with flexibility. 


Some have said they need me to show them before they sign up – ok – did you tell the school, college or university to assure you that you’ll pass math class (or whatever) before going or sending your kid?


Some said they need more information on what they’re signing up for – I sent a TON of emails, did videos, explained and explained some more. Did you tell the last hiring manager you need to see employee bonuses for the last few years, turnover rates, where you’ll be sitting and the break room or lactation room before signing that life drenching contract?

When you were doing your driving test did you tell them you need to make sure you got your license before you paid?

Did you ask any of them for the refund period or tell them you were going to dispute the charge if it didn’t go in your favor?

I bet it’s a big NO to all of them. You went in with confidence that YOU could do it. What’s different about doing it for YOUR OWN BUSINESS?


YES I have degrees.


NO I’m not saying you shouldn’t have one but ask successful entrepreneurs how many times they’re asked for it… (never).

And the truth is, many of you may be working in a company owned by someone who doesn’t even have a degree or never stepped foot in a university.


When it’s time to show up and make something happen for ourselves we question every last motive.


  • I can’t do this.
  • Maybe she does it because she got lucky.
  • My job is the safest thing.
  • My partner and my family will think I’m crazy.


They’re all valid – and I can tell you that my family and my partner did think I was crazy too because I was making a great salary when I quit – but it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t building my thing, and I wasn’t building my dreams. I was doing it for someone else. 

Someone who looked at me as just a number.


Someone who wouldn’t have given me a second look if I didn’t have a degree that had nothing to do with my job.

Someone who still told me NO when I wanted time off because it was “peak” season.


And guess what, they would never pay me what I make today. 


I wrote this not to belittle anyone or “throw shade” but to help you understand that you take risks every single day. 


And if you’re not a US citizen and you want to travel there (or any country you wish to visit rather)- you’ve spent a couple hundred dollars at the embassy trying to get a visa approved which you might have never gotten. 


All of this my friend is heading into the unknown for lots of things we do in our day to day lives. 


You wanted to do it so you went after it and this should be the same way.


Make a decision to Quit Corporate not because I prove myself and this course to you but because: 


  • you want to make a better life for yourself and your family, 
  • You crave more time with them
  • you want to travel the world, 
  • you’re sick of hearing when you can and can’t take vacation, 
  • you don’t know when last you had a raise, 
  • you’re mad every quarter when it’s time for assessments, 
  • you’re ready to be fully YOU and 
  • you just need my help to put the icing on the cake.


Click here to read more about Anatomy of Automation and enroll when YOU are ready to do this for YOU!


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