LaToya here again. Owner and Founder of Quitting Corporate™.

I’m a Tech Virtual Assistant Mentor at heart, Certified Master Marketer, Certified Online Business Manager and Ontraport Expert.


With all those titles you can see where my love for automation came and also teaching it to beautiful souls like you.


I’ve been online for almost 8 years and when I tell you I’ve ‘been around the web’, I mean it.

I was a virtual service provider in my business called The OBM Office for a few years and I built that to multiple 6 figures.


For a while, I’ve been running my agency and teaching VAs at the same time… now my focus has shifted to women like you.


I’m now here to help you start on your automation path, whether that means starting your Virtual Assistant business in automations from the very beginning (I mean, you may already know that general admin or social media isn’t your thing) or stepping into the next phase of your current VA role so you can move from $20 an hour to $50 and up!


You can do this from anywhere. I’m not even in the USA myself, not a resident and not a citizen! I visit – but that’s it. 

One question I get a lot is “Is this worldwide or only the USA?”

The thing about working online is you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet! 

I do this all from the Caribbean and I have students in the USA, Australia, Africa, the UK, Canada, Asia, the Philippines and of course the Caribbean – just to list a few. Truth is, I wouldn’t even know if I just covered all the continents cause I HATED geography!

On the edge to hear from students?

Here are some of their stories

Meet Vittoria

I’m Vittoria and it wasn’t until the end of last year that my definition of what true automation is all about REALLY CLICKED.
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Meet Lauren

Hi... my name is Lauren Days. Years ago I attempted to start my VA business. While I was comfortable in my skills, I wasn’t confident in promoting myself, so I stopped.
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