Anatomy of Automation Student Feature: Lauren Days

Hi… my name is Lauren Days. Years ago I attempted to start my VA business. While I was comfortable in my skills, I wasn’t confident in promoting myself, so I stopped. I continued to help my family and friends with all their needs and called it a day. Once COVID hit I knew it was time to try again, but I knew I didn’t want to focus on general admin tasks, I wanted to use my skills that I’ve learned over the years in a better capacity. I came across LaToya initially by purchasing her Quitting Corporate Toolkit then I saw her Anatomy of Automation course and I knew I had to go for it. 


While I had some experience with tech VA prior to enrolling in AoA, my skills have increased 1000% and my confidence has skyrocketed!! I am super grateful for LaToya and the community she has cultivated, I am looking forward to making myself an expert as a Tech VA. 


Most importantly from the moment of enrollment the support has been amazing. LaToya is Amazing!! She knows her tech and has this way about her that makes you feel confident in everything that you’re doing. She is super supportive and always available when needed. 


If you are wondering whether to make the transition into tech VA, I say what are you waiting for?! It will literally change your life and becoming a part of the AoA community will fast track you! Don’t wait another moment!! Enroll now!!