Anatomy of Automation Student Feature: Vittoria Daelli

I’m Vittoria and it wasn’t until the end of last year that my definition of what true automation is all about REALLY CLICKED.

It’s all about literally connecting opportunities to your audiences. Let me explain…. After taking a 6-month marketing certification program, I felt I was missing a piece of how to put strategy, copy and design together to better intertwine the marketing side with technology.

I have seen many people asking for help with their automations so their customers can buy their products or they need help setting up email campaigns to nurture their audiences.  And WHAM!  bananas began falling from the sky. I had a lightbulb moment!

Marketing and automation go hand in hand. They need each other! Yes I can come up with a great strategy, write what would make you want to pull out your credit card and design all things; BUT if I can’t make the process flow, literally connect them to the opportunity, then I am doing marketing all wrong.

How can I make sure that the tasks I laid out are actually going to reach someone’s audience? One word: AUTOMATIONS! Automation is a way to connect to our audience. It came full circle for me when I made the realization.
The way LaToya breaks it down makes it seem not only manageable but doable! Forget YouTube University!  Her teaching method makes you THINK about what you want to do, instead of following along without knowing what you are doing.

She read my mind, teaching me the exact strategies I didn’t even know I needed in the perfect way for me to actually learn them.

The biggest takeaway about automation that I stand by 100% due to this program is the user face can change but not the automation.

Don’t let the fear of software scare you. If you have a solid automation plan (which LaToya will teach you), then you can tackle any software that comes your way.

From a small group of women cheering each other on, killer bonuses that I’ve already begun implementing in my business, to incredible (oftentimes almost immediate) access to LaToya, I have ZERO doubts in my investment.

I’ve really focused on what was working in my business and as a result, I hit the 4 figure mark, which is double the year before during a pandemic. It can’t get better than this!!

I just want to say I am so thankful for all of you. You all helped me realize just how great automation can be.