Unofficial Refund Grace Period

Updated March 2021

Quitting Corporate and Anatomy of Automation Refund Grace 

We believe in the value of our programs and stand behind you to help with your success. However, due to the nature of our digital products and services along with program materials, we have a very straight forward and strict refund policy. Extended periods for digital products result in material theft which we would hate to happen.

Unless advised by law, you agree and acknowledge that there will be no refunds, in whole or in part after 5 days of purchase for the Anatomy of Automation or 5 days after purchase of the Quitting Corporate Toolkit, The Website Template and Corporate Unplugged. Refunds are subject to approval.

We wholeheartedly believe in what I like to call my College Policy - when you decide to drop out for whatever reason you leave your money and the degree behind. You don’t try to get it back and you accept that you won’t because you decided not to show up for class.

Commit, show up and you’ll see the results… just like college.

You can access our full and official refund policy by clicking here.

LaToya Russell
CEO of Quitting Corporate

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